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Emergency Medical Innovation, LLC is an early stage medical device startup, with a passion for addressing medical problems and engineering solutions to improve physician and medical provider performance while increasing patient satisfaction. EMI, LLC follows a hypothesis-validation methodology with plenty of room for creativity and curiosity to drive innovation in the medical setting.


Dr. Elizabeth Clayborne, MD, MA


Dr. Clayborne is an Emergency Physician and founder of EMI, LLC. She first developed Bleed Freeze, a novel device for the treatment of nosebleeds while working as resident in a busy inner city emergency room. Dr. Clayborne has used her medical background and experience as an ER Physician to develop new and useful medical technology that improves the quality of care for patients and helps medical providers better care for their patients. Dr. Clayborne is also faculty member of the University of Maryland Department of Emergency Medicine with an academic focus on ethics, health policy, end-of-life care and innovation/entrepreneurship.


Romil Patel, BS, MEM


Romil Patel is building his career as a VC/Growth investor and entreprenuer in the healthcare/technology space. Since graduating Dartmouth College with a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) he was an associate at a technology holding company/investment firm and most recently was the Chief of Staff of a growth stage business. He has helped founders/board members tackle high value initiatives: Raising capital, hiring the executive team, building a sales org, launching new product lines, and building company infrastructure. Romil completed his undergraduate at The George Washington University with a degree in biomedical engineering.

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Our Current Product

Bleed Freeze is a simple and effective device that treats nosebleeds in children and adults. It combines compression, cooling, and medication into a single convenient device that can be used in hospitals, clinics or at home. Sixty percent of people will experience a nosebleed in their lifetime,these can be very messy, bloody, anxiety provoking experiences. Bleed Freeze provides a safe, effective and low-cost solution to nosebleed rescue that will be the go-to “Band-Aid®” of nosebleeds with revenue potential of $50M over the next 5 years. There is tremendous potential for this device to become a household name.


Bleed Freeze, a simple and effective nosebleed rescue.

The problem with Nosebleeds (annoying to severe!)

Sixty percent of the world’s population, over 4 billion people, will experience an nosebleed event in their lifetime. Nosebleeds are one of the most common ear, nose, and throat emergencies and are most frequent in children 2-10 years old and adults 50-80 years old. Nosebleeds may occur after surgery, trauma, bleeding disorders, hypertension and blood clotting medication, which require rapid intervention to stem bleeding and prevent further complications.

Most nosebleeds can be resolved if the proper steps are taken. However, the knowledge gap of proper nosebleed treatment continues to plague children, parents and the elderly.

Therefore, Bleed Freeze functions not only as an effective tool for proper management, but also to educate users on correct nosebleed care to prevent significant expenditure of money and time for both patients and physicians.

Bleed Freeze

Bleed Freeze is a device to help medical providers and care givers to treat adults and children with severe or frequent nosebleeds. It stops bleeding quickly, effectively and without a mess. When used at home or in a medical setting, Bleed Freeze can stop bleeding without painful and invasive interventions such nasal packing or cautery. Bleed Freeze can improve patient and provider satisfaction, reduce time spent treating nosebleeds and avoid repeat medical visits for common nosebleeds.

Our Latest News & Awards


GW Business Plan Competition 2015

The GW Business Plan Competition is the fifth largest collegiate business plan competition in the country. The opportunity to compete in this competition provided us with a real-world educational experience in developing, testing, and launching our own startup venture.

Placing as a Top 10 Finalist, provided Bleed Freeze a launchpad to gain the necessary exposure and feedback to continue on our mission and developing the most effective nosebleed rescue product.

Final presentation:


NSF I-Corps 2015

The primary goal of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation-Corps (I-Corps) grant is to foster entrepreneurship that will lead to the commercialization of technology that has been supported previously by NSF-funded research.

Combining experience and guidance from established entrepreneurs with a targeted curriculum, I-Corps is a public-private partnership program that teaches grantees to identify valuable product opportunities in a recognized, effective way: customer and business model development. At the completion of the program Bleed Freeze was able to 1) validate a product-market need for technology and 2) transition plan for our project to move forward. More information regarding the grant and our lessons learned during the program can be found in the attached link below.

NSF I-Corps:

Lessons learned:

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